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It is unlikely that you would think to leave home only after washing and blotting it with a towel! After all, even teenage girls habitual movements can “lay” their hair in the desired hairstyle and any representative of the beautiful half of humanity over 20 years old already considers himself an ACE in this case.

Styling you can call the a set of activities that create for a short time conceived the design of the hair, changing the shape and pattern of the hair – the texture.

How long the blow? It depends on the length, type of hair and shape of their cross-section, elasticity, and the chosen methods and cosmetic products to tame and shape hair.

Experienced stylists-hairdressers beauty NataLioffer various styling long hair performed by:

  • Cold
  • With the use of clips and hair rollers
  • With the help of Hairdryer (hot air method)
  • With the help of Curling iron or a flat iron for straightening

In life so many joyful events! Birthday, new year party, a romantic date, a reunion, wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s day.Valentina – on any occasion girls want to look unbeatable!

If your dream, such as romantic styling with waves but the short hair does not allow “roam” your desires and fantasies, you increase hair in the Studio “NataLi“, and then to enjoy the endless choice of hairstyles offer creative stylists, fashion magazines and the Internet.

You seem boring and banal smooth strands? Then the perfect solution is amazing curls and parted in the middle – men and want to “dig” your fingers in your charming curls! They are so cute jump when you go soft cat walk! However, a middle part should not be carried away by the ladies with asymmetrical features.

the Vintage waves on your head is sure to thrill males! They frame the face, giving you mystery, sex appeal, femininity. The waves soften the large features and suit many women.

Always popular bulk hair for long hair. The combination of the beams, the use of hairpieces, creating a bouffant, a nozzle-diffuser for a hair dryer, special curlers, scrunchies, barrettes, ponytails and flagella is only a small part of the items and ways in which you can get the bounce and volume. You will look very fresh, easy and zesty!

Certainly striking in their poignancy and style exquisite hair to one side with curls – it perfectly accentuates the neck line and in harmony off the shoulder neckline. Supplemented with well-chosen ornaments (hairpins, barrettes, hair can turn into evening, and wedding. The lack of symmetry adds to the charm and strangeness of the image.

Simple or intricate, gathered at the top with big curls and bright accessories (scarf, ribbon, bow, headband, artificial flowers, lush curled bangs – all this elegant styling in the style of pin-up. Literally “pin up” is translated “to pin on the wall”: I meant the poster with a seductive beauty, which wanted to emulate. It is very important that everything was perfect: the hair and makeup (with bright lips and hands and eyes) and appropriate clothing.

Elegant curls on a solemn occasion will be a great choice if you want to look chic and romantic. Make them easy enough, but the effect will be unbeatable. Staple the back of her hair, adorning the curls with Bobby pins, combs or allow them more freedom, spreading across her shoulders.

Professionals in our salon prompt:

  • as take care of themselves at home
  • some styling to the face
  • with the help of some secrets of hair can be to hide small defects of appearance
  • what fashion trends hairdressing
  • as reconcile makeup, hair and accessories.

Just hair – very easy! But to be confident in its charm and capture the beauty to enjoy her reflection in the mirror and stop his views, at least once style Nata-Li”! The result will impress not only you!


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