The care of extended hair

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To make hair extensions please You, follow these recommendations:

1. Comb hair with a special comb for hair extensions natural bristle (available in our shop). It differs from a simple comb with soft bristles and does not touch the capsules when brushing.

2. Wash hair need as pollution, which is also how You do it always. Hair washing is not recommended to use shampoo for oily hair shampoo will dry up extended hair, it is not recommended to use shampoo for dry hair – there is always a softener, which can cause combing hair. For washing the necessary concentrated shampoo with a neutral PH balance for normal hair. While washing hold your head in an upright position. If you look at our hair under a microscope, you can see that he has scales. When improper wash hair cuticles open, hair confused, which gives it a loss of luster and elasticity.

3. It is forbidden to use masks that are applied from the root of the hair. Fluids, air conditioner or balm can be used only on the tips of the hair extensions.

4. After washing, blot hair with a towel or dry hair with cool air of the hair dryer for hair growth. Apply on hair liquid silk – it will give them extra Shine. At night it is advisable to braid, but not in a tight braid. If You use a Curling iron for styling, do not forget that you Narodny hair hot method, so try not to touch the capsules are heated parts. After extension, you can do a Perm, dyeing, tinting the hair. You can swim in the sea and in the pool. If You cold build-up or hair Narodny Italian keratin, you can go to the sauna (cold, wet towel on your hair and use a hair dryer without restrictions.

Sock hair – can be worn from two months to a half year, depending on how and with what material it was made capacity. Along with the growth of your own hair, you can make a correction – the wizard will take extended hair and then grow them closer to the hair roots. If necessary, you can add new strands of natural hair.

All methods build that uses Studio “Nata-Lee” absolutely safe for the hair.

All methods build that uses Studio “Nata-Lee” absolutely safe for hair.your Own hair should be no shorter than 5cm, but the longer they are, the more ideal the result of addition. If the hair were normal length after extension is to trim ends to desired length.


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