Curling eyelashes

A mesmerizing feminine look, creates a light coquetry, intrigues and fascinates men. A playful wave of fluffy eyelashes – dream of each woman!!! But unfortunately, not every woman has a languidly curving eyelashes. Professional eyelash Perm is able to give incredible bending and length for a long time. A unique method is absolutely painless and safe.
The procedure lasts for about 40-50 minutes. A Perm is made on special rollers-rollers to which each is attached its own eyelash. Curler for eyelashes are flexible rollers, the thickness of which depends on the length of the eyelashes and the desired effect. Thin rollers will spin even the shortest lashes. Thicker rollers create a smooth curl and suitable for long cilia.
Glued on eyelash curler covered with a special compound that secures the curl. After the desired time the remnants of makeup carefully remove and apply a special lock, withstanding time. After the procedure, eyelashes gently unstick from the cushion, remove the cushion from the century.

Now about the safety of the procedure – specific drugs, fixing the curl glued lashes, do not fall on mucous membranes of the eyes and eyelids. After Curling the conditions of life did not change, so you can wear contact lenses, makeup, take water treatments – a new form of eyelashes will not suffer. The only thing – after Curling lashes become lighter, but they can be painted the next day.

In the final result of eyelashes are dark, long and thick, naturally curved. Therefore, many women after Curling and dyeing of eyelashes can afford to abandon the makeup, applying it, except for special occasions. If still drawn eye makeup, makeup can be removed by conventional by conventional means, it will not affect the curl.
It is not recommended to perform chemical Curling of eyelashes for those who have observed the high sensitivity of the eyes; Allergy to components of chemical compositions (or components of glue for eyelashes).
The effect of a beautifully curved eyelashes will make You happy for a long time, the bend could take up to three months, after which you can repeat the procedure.

Curling eyelashes

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