Lash care

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Lash care and feeding

Lash care is an important thing. To enhance growth, strengthen lashes and make them thicker, the simplest thing you can do in the morning and evening to RUB a special oil for eyelash growth.

Oil You can buy in the store of the Studio “Nata-Li”. If you take the habit of regularly using it, Your lashes will soon look healthy and fluffy. The ingredients included in the composition of the oil contributed to the increasing growth and luster of lashes, prevent hair loss and brittle eyelashes. What is included in the composition of the oil:

  • panthenol: increases the thickness and improves the condition of eyelashes
  • proteins: a positive effect on eyelash growth
  • melanin, it protects from adverse external influences
  • keratin: covers every eyelash with a soft protective film
  • lanolin: prevents dry and brittle eyelashes


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