Keratin hair treatment «Amazon Series»

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Keratin hair treatment «Amazon Series»

Are you tired of frizzy, flyaway hair, which can hardly be laying? Endless pulling uticaj turned them into hideous tow? Dream of smooth, straight hair?
Want to introduce You to the keratin straightening and hair treatment. This procedure allows to achieve the effect of smooth, shiny and elastic hair like the models of the commercials advertise shampoos, without harm to their health. Our hair is almost 90% consist of specific protein – keratin. Keratin has a complicated structure: it is based on simple amino acids. When they are lined up in a chain, get the direct thread. Amino acids it can be compared to a chain of people who joined hands. If between amino acids formed more links than “right and left hand, the chain will inevitably acquire a peculiar form a curl. From a chemical point of view, the role of such additional joints played by hydrogen bonds and disulfide bridges. Of course, not necessary to present in detail the chemical formula, just hydrogen and disulphide bonds are mentioned in the description products for hair straightening, it is therefore useful to present them at least in General terms. As You already guessed, hair straighteners destroy additional relationships between the amino acids, returning them to the status of a simple, straight chain. And this is the main principle of all available drugs for straightening, but not system keratin straightening. Keratin treatment is a revolutionary new system for hair straightening, which deeply penetrates the cuticle of the hair keratin and organic oils, contributing to straighten hair for Slavic and European, and Asian and even African American hair type. After its application the hair soft, shiny, become more obedient. If normal lamination resistance of the hair to the external environment is enough for 2-3weeks after keratin treatment, only three months, the drug begins to gently washed away , returning your hair to its natural structure , which clearly confirms the safety of this kind of effect on the hair. The result is immediately visible – hair look healthy and young. Studio “Nata-Lee chose from a variety presented on the Ukrainian market brands keratin straightening hair treatment “Amazon Series”. Each product in this series contains extracts of a variety of fruits and plants of the Amazon rain forest. Delicious fruits and plants contain antioxidants, vitamins and components for enhanced hydration, which have the power to minimize the impact on the hair free radicals and restore the balance, while maintaining the integrity and remaining completely natural. Most importantly, the tool also can be applied to natural extended hair! It is very important to use special tools with keratin for the hair after the procedure. This is one of the first and most important conditions for increasing the duration of action of keratin on the hair. The price of the procedure depends on the length and thickness of your hair. Attention!!! Each client is present : SPECIALIZIROVANNAJA shampoo and conditioner with keratin Amazon Series”


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