All about kanekalon

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Kanekalon is the highest quality material for weaving African braids and manufacture of wigs that are made from natural hair. Kanekalon was invented in Japan and was the most widely spread in the world.
In its structure and appearance it is as close to natural hair as it consists of organic matter, namely algae. Products that use this material, very light, does not cause allergies, natural and are much longer than products made from conventional synthetic fibers do not cause allergies, perfectly hold the desired shape and well worn. Fiber kanekalon is natural and fantasy colors. Kanekalon in the beginning produced in different colors (numbered up to 42 colors), when mixing the received new additional shades. The fibers were durable, elastic, does not break while combing. Thanks to a special heat treatment furnaces, it can long time to maintain a Perm. In our shop always features a huge assortment of this product.

Our own production in Ukraine and work with foreign factories-manufacturers allow us to offer Ukraine kanekalon is the highest quality produced in accordance with the latest technologies, hold the most affordable prices is not coming at the expense of quality.


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